Types of Barbells and Making the Decision to Buy

The most common type of barbells is the Olympic barbell and standard barbell. Their specifications are outlined below.
Olympic barbells weigh 45 pounds and measure 7 feet in length. Olympic barbells are made of robust steel bars with varying diameter sizes. They also consist of rotating sleeves. All these attributes make them perfect for commercial purposes. Olympic barbells are a necessity for building strength and stamina.
Standard barbells are also steel made but with non-rotating sleeves. They have a weight ranging between 15 pounds to a maximum of 25 pounds. In terms of length, standard barbells measure between 5 to 6 feet. Standard barbells are suitable for lighter, low-intensity home workouts.
The decision to buy barbells is primarily dictated by various factors such as cost, purpose, and fitness goals. Different manufacturers set different prices for their equipment. It is prudent to check and compare the best prices as you keep an eye on the quality.
Barbells serve various purposes, depending on the buyer. For home fitness use, the standard barbell might be appropriate. For sports and commercial fitness gyms, the Olympic barbell is the top choice due to its versatility.
An individual’s fitness goals also come in handy in the decision to buy barbells. To build strength, Olympic barbells are renowned for better results. For newbies, home gym barbell sets are the most appropriate.
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