Cable Cross Trainers

Cable Cross Trainers: Common Pitfalls to Avoid

The cable cross machine is among the most versatile gym equipment you will find in a multi gym. Despite their complexity, cable cross trainers remain extremely popular with fitness nerds. The main advantage of cable cross trainers is that they occupy minimal space and can fit in tight places.

Cable cross trainers are also affordable gym equipment, and this makes it a favorite for most people. Besides, cable cross machines are excellent workout companions for the whole body. This makes them perfect for the multi gym, home, or office workouts. Their popularity notwithstanding, cable cross trainers pose some challenges to users. The result being unfulfilled expectations.

Here are some of the common mistakes and practical solutions.
One of the most common mistakes that cable cross trainers make is the tendency to grab handles and rushing in through the cable cross set up. This makes the workout ineffective. To fix the mistake, it is advisable first to grasp the handles and take a backward step. From this position, pull the weights down over the chest while taking a forward stride.
Incorrect posture in seated cable machines is a common error that trainers make in their workouts. A rounded or leaning back and hunched shoulders increase the risk of injuries. To avoid the misfortune, trainers need to ensure that they maintain the spine in a straight position with shoulders back and chest up.
Many mistakes in cable cross trainers can be avoided by purchasing quality equipment from reputable suppliers. At Rage Fitness Ltd, we stock the best cable cross trainers for all your home and multi gym workouts. The trainers come with a well-illustrated user manual to guide you as you burn those calories.