Rubber Coated Weights

Key Advantages of Rubber Coated Weights

Weight plates are essential cogs in the whole gym equipment infrastructure. The differentiated weights are important in assessing an individual’s progress against the limits. The more a weightlifter pushes against their limits, the more satisfaction is derived from the conquest. For newbies, starting from the bottom seems like a hard climb, but with persistence comes victory.
Weights plates are made from cast iron metal, but in certain instances, the coating is rubbery. Cast iron plates do not have rubber on the surface. If that does not fit your style, you may try rubber coated weights. These weights have several advantages over their cast iron counterparts.

Here are a few of them.
Rubber coated weights are insulated from rust. The rubber material envelops the metal part and does not suffer any reaction when it comes into contact with water. This is an excellent quality as the weights maintain their appeal for a long time. If you forget the equipment in the rain by any chance, you will find it still in good condition.
The other advantage of rubber coated weights is that they do not cause damage on floors. It is sometimes unavoidable to drop weights heavily on the floor due to sudden pain or muscle twitches. When this happens, the rubber coated weights will bounce off the floor and land quietly. This saves the floor covering from tears or cracks.
Rubber coated weights work almost the same way like 3 handle weights. As they hit, the floor produces less noise as compared to cast-iron weights. This makes the gym environment at home or outdoors more friendly and less polluted for your workouts.
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