Rubber Weights

Top Home Workouts with Rubber Weights & Dumbbell

Rubber weights and dumbbell are some of the most underrated yet effective gym equipment. In particular, the dumbbell enjoyed the limelight from Benjamin Franklin, who, in a message to his son, wrote, ‘I live temperately and use the exercise of the dumbbell.’ The rubber weight has not enjoyed such high profile endorsement but make no mistake; it is equally popular with fitness enthusiasts.
The two gym equipment share key advantages. The foremost advantage is that they improve muscle strength and stabilization. A study comparing the impact of dumbbell and barbell concluded that the former had a higher impact on the biceps and significantly higher stabilization effect.

Dumbbell and rubber weights enhance body balance by enhancing the limbs ability to work unilaterally. There is no place to hide for weak limbs, and this makes the dumbbell a useful equipment for correcting and eliminating imbalances.

The bigger and heavier gym equipment might not be the safest machines, especially for newbies. In the worst-case scenario, you might find yourself screaming for help while stuck under them—quite a scary prospect. With rubber weights and dumbbells, this is the least of your worries. When push comes to shove, all you have to do is drop them away from your feet, regroup and go again. You only have to make sure no one is on the receiving end as you.

Attaining fitness attracts plenty of excuses, lacking time being the most cited reason for missed workouts. The busy schedule and the difficult to strike work-life balance leaves training wallowing in the doldrums.

For the segment of people lacking time to hit the gym, rubber weights and dumbbells offer welcome relief. Throw them in the car boot and enjoy the convenience of exercising from almost anywhere. With rubber weights and dumbbells, the room for excuses gets much smaller.